Mummy knows best, right?


My mantra when I'm being reactive as a parent is, "Stop for a moment and listen to her" as most of the time my daughter knows what works for her and therefore is most likely to be the best outcome for both of us. 

I learn more from my daughter than any other teacher I have had - high praise considering my mother is the founder of The Living Leader!

She always wants to listen to how my day went and really pays attention when I'm speaking. I recognise I am the instigator of her behaving this way however, she often reminds me that I do not always walk my talk. She tells me when I interrupt her and notices when I am not truly listening. 

Just because she is a few, ok a lot younger and smaller than me - she still has a voice, bright ideas and feelings to share. For example, rather than getting into a daily battle about our morning routine, we discuss together how we can make the school morning a success.


As a result of these discussions, she took responsibility for designing the morning rota - we share feeding dogs, chickens and horses - deciding what job best suited her (such as, not being outside in the rain - smarty pants!) and what time we needed to be in the car to allow us to get to school on time without me driving like Lewis Hamilton. She took responsibility for her part in this routine and is therefore engaged in making it happen without stressing both of us. Many of us could learn from our little leaders...

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