Our programmes are obsessively focused on enabling the behavioural changes that
transform culture and lead to lasting, commercial, tangible impact

There’s no Powerpoint, there’s no laptops and there’s no graphs or excel charts.

There’s real hands-on learning, purposeful thinking and challenging interactivity, with tried
and tested models that transform accountability, confidence and performance. Fast. 

‘The deployment of the PLP programme by our own trainers was really good value and it allowed me and others to make the course even more relevant to Caterpillar and our business challenges’


Nigel Parkinson,
Managing Director, Caterpillar Inc

‘After the PLP, gross margin, sales and staff retention outperformed the rest of the country. Everyone had chosen to be part of the mission, step up and take responsibility for it. That’s the leadership that we created after the programme’


Ewan McCulloch,
Global HR Director, Staples

‘TLL brought in a completely new form of leadership. Gone was the command and control, push, micromanagement, silo mentality we had before and in came responsibility and energy. After it, the GB market overtook all of the other countries in terms of performance’

 Paul Stobart,                                      CEO, Tunstall Healthcare Group