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At The Living Leader, we provide your people with a level of self-awareness needed to exceed in the modern work environment. We believe effective leadership is key to increasing the growth of any company and creating a positive organisational culture.

Outstanding leadership begins with transforming organisational culture by coaching, inspiring and motivating team members to take responsibility for the success of the business they work for.
Our leadership development programmes have all the right components required to create outstanding leaders.

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How It All Began

Our founder and CEO realised, at the age of 50, that whereas she had been involved in management and leadership training for several years, she actually didn’t really understand it. Even more disheartening, however much individuals gave great praise for the value of the programme they had just attended, they were still forgetting 80% of it within a matter of weeks. Clients were not getting value for the time and money they were investing – this just didn’t fit with Penny’s values.

On a personal front her life was in freefall. Penny’s third marriage was coming to an end in an exceedingly messy way, she had lost all the money she had brought to the marriage and was in debt, she had lost all confidence she ever had and worst of all – her second son had just died tragically at the age of just 26.

However, she still had her dream, to make a positive difference to each person whose life she touched, and so her journey began. She became determined to find a way to have training become meaningful, real, impact the whole person, and most critically, be sustainable. Coming from the basic premise that every person at some level wants to be the best they can be, she began to observe behaviours, recognising that frequently these did not in any way match the outcome they were hoping to achieve. This also gave her a huge wake-up call about how she had been raising her children and recognising that through her love for them she had taught them to rely on her and not developing their ability to think for themselves.

She designed a 2 day programme (2-days followed by a 1-day) programme that focused more on being than doing, more on listening than telling, more on giving than getting, more on character than persona. The results were staggering and the awareness that this was common sense but not remotely common practice was a huge learning for Penny. Her passion for leadership escalated to the point where she now firmly believes that each and every person deserves this knowledge as it will impact every single part of life, dramatically improving thinking, relationships at work and at home, the choices you make in life, confidence, and performance in every single part of your life. This common sense approach has proven life-changing to many people, both in their personal lives and to business performance. To date, over 60,000 people have attended this programme, it has been translated into 6 languages, and the impact appears to be extraordinarily sustainable.

Penny says that this programme has changed her life and her clients are as passionate about this leadership as is she – they take her wherever and whenever they move companies! She has written two books, is co-author to several others, and has firmly decided that retirement is not for her! She takes great delight that her younger daughter Emma, now partners with her in the business and even greater delight in seeing how the learning means that she brings up her daughter in a far better way than Penny herself did. She lives exceedingly happily in the country surrounded by her 5 dogs and looked after by, as she would describe, the very best housekeeper in the world! This enables her to continue to deliver occasional programmes globally, is an inspired public speaker and continually looks for more ways to help people become all they can possible be – ultimately just happier!

What We Aim to Achieve with Our Leadership Development Programmes

We offer a foundation programme, The Personal Leadership Programme and a Certified Trainer Programme to train your own in-house team of trainers to deliver the Personal Leadership Programme: the Personal Leadership Programme is supported by our digital Online Living Leader Programme. Our programmes are tailored to companies who want to build highly motivated, responsible and productive teams who constantly strive for excellence. They transform key individuals in the organisation into outstanding leaders who take the teachings they’ve learned and go on to mentor, coach and lead others, with the right mindset.

The Personal Leadership Programme is a three-day intensive program. The first two days are dedicated to understanding the models and actionable steps they can apply and thought change required to become better leaders, while the third day (around 3 weeks later) is for assessment, consolidation and refinement.

Our Certified Trainer Programme is designed specifically for you to build a team of your own Personal Leadership Programme facilitators and is an intensive 10-day programme.

How We Train Our Leaders

At The Living Leader, we do not use computers or software in our delivery, instead we help individuals become outstanding leaders through hands-on learning and application.

Excellent leadership is crucial to the success of any organisation. However, outstanding leaders are not born, they are nurtured. Let us teach your people to become outstanding leaders — it is, after all, what we do.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

MRH (GB) Ltd: “This is a leadership course like no other and produces startling results and is quantifiable return on investment that not only can be measured but visible.

What do I mean by that? – for me it delivers greater engagement, with leaders setting the tone for behaviour and better bosses inspiring employees through engagement and increased interaction including the tech generation. It is an amazing product and I have used it four times in different organisations and its impact and results always astounds me.’ Steve Back

Group CFO, MRH (GB) Ltd.

Zen Internet: “In my experience, Penny Ferguson is far and away the best and most inspirational speaker I have ever heard on the all-important subject of leadership. I have been fortunate enough to attend her leadership programme, The Living Leader, multiple times and I have seen first hand the transformative effect the programme can have on leaders. For Penny, and I agree with her, leadership is the single biggest driver of business success; get it right and businesses flourish, get it wrong and businesses struggle. Her approach is refreshing, innovative and inspiring. Anyone who is interested in leadership and believes in its transformative power should listen to what Penny and her team at Living Leader have to say …” Paul Stobart

CEO, Zen internet

“It is the most effective leadership behavioural change programme that I have been involved in across my career, for a number of reasons: There are clear learnings as to how personal behavioural change links to business results;-The programme is aligned to driving business performance;The change in team dynamics is evident post the programme..” Lesley Cotton

Divisional Human Resources Director, P & O Ferries

Caterpillar Inc: “The deployment of the Personal Development programme by our own trainers was really good value and it allowed me and others to make the course even more relevant to Caterpillar and our business challenges.” Nigel Parkinson

Managing Director, Caterpillar Inc.

“It is the most effective leadership behavioural change programme that I have been involved in across my career, for a number of reasons: There are clear learnings as to how personal behavioural change links to business results;-The programme is aligned to driving business performance;The change in team dynamics is evident post the programme..” Lesley Cotton

Divisional Human Resources Director, P & O Ferries

Marsh and Parsons: Marsh and Parsons described our training as “brilliant, inspirational and full of energy and passion.”

This is just a taste of what effective leadership can do for your business.

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