Certified Trainer Programme

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Our Certified Trainer Programme is a 10-day intensive training programme which qualifies individuals to deliver the Personal Leadership Programme. Having in-house trainers to deliver leadership programmes within your organisation is a huge benefit on many levels:

  • Your delegates will benefit from an in-house trainer’s inside out knowledge of the business
  • You will have an in-house resource for leadership development
  • Your trainers will be Living Leaders – a resource for your leadership team to call on
  • Your trainers will be able to support your delegates post programme
  • Embedding and sustaining the learning enables an integrated strategy from the outset

Request a 20 minute discovery call with one of our experts.

We know that the formula for effective leadership is simple: Vision, multiplied by passion, minus excuse-making and scapegoating, multiplied by discipline and trust, plus a dose of a charismatic personality, competency and ability. This winning formula results in a determined, productive and profitable organisation. How quickly a person can develop these necessary leadership skills and traits ultimately depends on the leadership development programme they choose. How quickly you see results at a organisational level is hugely influenced by the thought given to the overall strategy – planning the post-programme support is often forgotten in the excitement of planning a leadership development roll out.

How Our Integrated Packages Work

The skills learned on the Personal Leadership Programme can be put into practice long after you’ve finished the course. We don’t believe in using PowerPoint, laptops, graph and excel charts or overwhelming people with copious materials that they’ll never get round to reading. Instead, we deliver real, hands-on learning paired with purposeful thinking and interactivity. We challenge and push your people to identify their unique style and show them how to multiply that by 10 to not just be an effective leader, but to be authentic. We know that being a productive leader who motivates their team becomes so much easier when you’re being true to yourself, instead of adopting a persona or wearing a mask.

The models and techniques we teach and demonstrate are all tried and tested and proven to enhance confidence and transform performance. We also don’t operate on a ‘one size fits all’ approach — we take the time to tailor the lessons to the individual, so that your employee gets the full benefit.

Imagine that the following were achievable:

A productive team that thrives on honesty, openness, and trust, that communicates effectively to deliver peak levels of performance at all times
A team of individuals motivated by their passion for what they do. They’re engaged, hungry to develop and always deliver
A driven team full of energy, that not only performs well, but constantly drives the business forward
An innovative team with the confidence and autonomy to devise and implement new strategies. Give yourself the competitive edge and say goodbye to micromanaging.

Our integrated approach gives you choice about how you deploy your development plan. We recognise that clients have many things to consider when rolling out Leadership Development programmes – resources, costs & logistics are key factors so we offer a number of options:

  • Bronze
    • Roll out of the Personal Leadership Programme
      – Delivered by our own Consultants
  • Silver
    • roll out of the Personal Leadership Programme
      – Initial programmes delivered by our own Consultants
    • Certified Trainer Programme
    • Online Living Leader access for every delegate
  • Platinum
    • Roll out of the Personal Leadership Programme
      – Initial programmes delivered by our own Consultants
    • Certified Trainer Programme
    • Online Living Leader access for every delegate
    • Coaching of your Leadership Team & in-house Trainer Team
    • Advice and support on your sustain and embedding strategy

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What Others Are Saying about the Course

Here’s what our clients have to say about the Certified Trainer Programme:

Emma Garter
Human Resource Director at British Gas Residential

Everyone got the Personal Leadership Programme. it was immediate, fast, and the results followed very quickly

Jill Shedden
Group Human Resource Director for Centrica

We are highly cost-conscious, so the length and value of the course worked extremely well for us

Chris Weston
CEO of Aggreko

The Living Leader has given us a team of flag-bearers for our new style of leadership and accountability. The Personal Leadership Programme has also saved us lot of money as we’ve rolled out.

Steve Back
Group CFO MRH (GB) Ltd.

This is a leadership course like no other and produces startling results and is a quantifiable return on investment that not only can be measured but is visible. What do I mean by that? – for me it delivers greater engagement, with leaders setting the tone for behaviour and better bosses inspiring employees through engagement and increased interaction, including the tech generation. It is an amazing product and I have used it four times in different organisations and its impact and results always astounds me.'

Ben Slater
CEO Bow and Arrow

I first saw Penny Ferguson in action at a leadership breakfast in Australia. I learned more in those 30 minutes than I had from any leadership course, book or article. This lady is THE guru, sage and authority on the subject of how to create, delegate and sustain a high performing culture. Straight after the breakfast, I signed my top team to her Programme. It was so effective that we subsequently decided that every single person in the company (50+) should attend the seminar.

Paul Stobart
CEO, Zen internet

In my experience, Penny Ferguson is far and away the best and most inspirational speaker I have ever heard on the all-important subject of leadership. I have been fortunate enough to attend her leadership programme, The Living Leader, multiple times and I have seen first hand the transformative effect the programme can have on leaders. For Penny, and I agree with her, leadership is the single biggest driver of business success; get it right and businesses flourish, get it wrong and businesses struggle. Her approach is refreshing, innovative and inspiring. Anyone who is interested in leadership and believes in its transformative power should listen to what Penny and her team at Living Leader have to say …

Gordon Pitman
Chief HR Officer, GKN Aerospace

Having experience the Living Leader Program myself many years ago and used many of the things I learned to shape my personal leadership perspective it felt like the right time to introduce Penny Ferguson to GKN Aerospace. We introduced the Living Leader Program as part of our transformation journey to equip and enable leaders across the business to think differently about the culture they had created and the impact it was having on their teams, their business and our customers. Over 200 leaders have now experienced the program and although early days, the leadership skills they have learnt are helping them drive true behaviour change and improve their business results.

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