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Our Online Living Leader programme is exclusively available to delegates of the Personal Leadership Programme (PLP). The key content from the PLP is available via our online platform and enables individuals to embed and sustain their leadership development.One of the main benefits of combining the Online Living Leader programme with the Personal Leadership Programme as part of an organisation roll out is the opportunity for your in-house trainers to utilise the content to offer further support and embedding to delegates.

At The Living Leader, we understand that the PLP starts a journey of discovery for individuals wanting to step into their leadership potential. The Online Living Leader programme supports that journey with both refresher and developmental material enabling users to dip in and out of the material to sustain and embed their learning.

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Why Choose the Online Living Leader?

Online Living Leader offers your people the ability to have the Personal Leadership Programme content at their fingertips – we offer lifetime, unlimited access to programme content, tutorial videos, worksheets and assessments as well as downloadable support material.

One of the main benefits is that you can integrate this digital programme into your embedding strategy to maximise your investment in the programme. We can help you plan and deliver this to ensure the long-term impact of the programme is sustained.

What Topics Are Covered in Our Online Living Leader Programme?

This user friendly online leadership programme covers a wide variety of topics and provides individuals not just with the foundations they need to become an outstanding leader, but the tried and tested approaches to everyday situations they’ll face both at work and home. Some of the topics we cover include:

Communication: Effective communication is critical to leadership – understanding the impact of our communication helps us to adapt our communication style according to the situation.

Responsibility: Understanding responsibility at a profound level helps individuals to put their new learning into action immediately – having online access to explore this subject in depth helps delegates further develop at their own pace.

Thinking: Recognising that we always have a choice on how we think & where we put our attention.

Why Should You Invest In Online Living Leader?

Our online leadership programme is easily accessible, easy to navigate and provides ongoing leadership support – 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

Our programmes challenge thought processes and demonstrates the simple changes individuals can make to improve their lives both at work and at home.

How To Access Online Living Leader

Online Living Leader is exclusively available to delegates of the Personal Leadership Programme. All delegates are offered access following their attendance. For clients wishing to offer Online Living Leader as part of a roll out, we manage the process for you making it an easy decision to offer to your employees. Simply contact us for more information.


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“This was the ‘next step’ I was searching for following my attendance on the Personal Leadership Programme. More content, reminders, actions – loved the videos and the ability to print out Posters! Massive thumbs up from me”

Steve – Financial Services

“I loved the PLP – took so much from it. I use the learning every day – not because I’m DOING things different but because I FEEL different! The online platform has accelerated my development and makes accessing the material so easy – I look forward to each month’s new content.”

Georgia Bermingham – Peri

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