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Our Personal Leadership Programme is designed to develop highly motivated, inspired and engaged leaders and teams by using unique teaching methods to explore leadership extensively.

We teach individuals how to become great leaders who take responsibility to develop other leaders which, in turn, creates a high performing organisation. The skills learned will not only help to transform the leadership skills of your people, but can also take your business to new heights of profitability by increasing productivity, output and performance, as well as improving staff morale and loyalty – all of which have a positive impact on the bottom line.

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Who Needs Our Leadership Development Programmes?

We’ve seen how great leadership creates a high performing organisation and our clients tell us that rolling out our Personal Leadership Programme makes a real and tangible difference to the leadership capability within their organisations.

Effective leadership is not a gift or talent that only a select few are blessed with. We believe that anyone can become an excellent leader with the proper teaching, mentoring, some interdisciplinary psychology and the commitment to make positive changes. Our leadership programmes help:

– Any organisation that wants to transform its business culture and continually strives for excellence
– Organisations that want to build highly motivated, responsible teams committed to success
– Businesses that want to cultivate leaders who possess excellent coaching and mentoring skills, so that they can help their colleagues deliver at their best and develop the next generation of effective leaders.

How Our Programme Will Benefit Your Organisation

Our Personal Leadership Programme is designed to help people see what others do not, think beyond what others are thinking and, crucially, show them how to take more appropriate, effective action. We empower individuals to demonstrate effective leadership that enhances performance on a company-wide scale and increases profitability.

Are you looking to build:
– A passionate, highly motivated, highly productive and success-driven team?
– A culture that thrives on trust, sincerity and confidence?
– A team that is not problem-shy and strives for continuous improvements?

Our range of programmes cater to businesses looking to cultivate a team of excellent leaders regardless of their location or budget.

For an organisation to grow, its leaders have to go beyond the ordinary, be willing to think differently, do things differently and be willing to be extraordinary.
The Living Leader’s Personal Leadership Programme is a three-day course.

The first two days deliver intensive training, teaching the foundations of leadership and establishing a clear understanding of the key components of great leadership. We then deliberately have a gap of around 3 weeks between days 1 & 2 and day 3 – this gap enables people to practise what they have learned, reflect on their learning and what it means to them so they come to day 3 with real examples of what has worked for them and what their challenges have been. This enables day 3 to become focused on assessment, reflection and refinement of the skills learned.

Our programme is hands-on, so that leaders feel confident in applying their new skills immediately.

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For further enquiries or to book a spot on this programme, please contact Emma at emma@thelivingleader.com.

If you’re looking to deliver leadership development in-house, check out our Certified Trainer Programme. To help support and embed the principles of the programme – get access to our Online Living Leader programme – our digital support programme only available to those who have attended the Personal Leadership programme.

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