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One thing we have learned over the years by offering leadership development programmes is that there are two key factors considered by organisations when it comes to choosing the right leadership programme: time and cost-efficiency.


Not every company can afford to spare a week for staff to attend a time-intensive programme. There are travel and accommodation costs to consider, not to mention the outlay of finding interim staff to cover your management while they’re away. This is why we offer our concise Personal Leadership Programme — an intensive three-day leadership programme (2 days with an additional day a few weeks later for assessment, reflection and consolidation) suited to managers of any organisation.

Not only are our programmes concise, but companies applying our methods see results quickly, thanks to our hands-on, practical approach.


For Clients looking for an extensive roll out of our Personal Leadership Programme we offer a number of options: –

  • We deploy our own Consultants to deliver all programmes
  • We take some of your own people through our Certified Trainer Programme and they then deliver programmes
  • A combination of both of the above

We aim to provide value while minimising costs to your business and we pride ourselves on being totally transparent with Clients if we feel there is a better, more cost or time effective option. We believe that our programmes are well worth the financial investment, indeed our Clients tell us this is the case — by putting into practice the methods we teach, Clients have benefited from increased productivity, improved morale, lower employee turnover and more profit.

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“This is a leadership course like no other and produces startling results and a quantifiable return on investment that not only can be measured but is visible.”

How We Help You

Our programmes aren’t just beneficial to the delegate attending. Demonstrating leadership behaviour individually has a ripple effect through an organisation. Our leadership programmes enhance an individual’s ability to:

– Harness intrinsic personality traits and experiences to become their most authentic selves
– Recognise and break self-imposed boundaries
– Understand other perspectives

These qualities build effective and empathic leaders with an improved ability to lead resiliently from the front, while inspiring and motivating their colleagues.

The result of this is improved employee engagement, increased morale and higher retention rates, increased trust and transparency, greater collaboration, and improved team performance.

The Journey

Our customer journey is simple in its application and transformation in its impact. Like a jigsaw puzzle our products are interlinked to maximise their potential, three simple steps to achieve incredible results: –

  1. Attend the Personal Leadership Programme
  2. Sign up for Online Living Leader
  3. Attend the Certified Trainer Programme

What does it take to be a great leader? How can one drive profitability and performance, while mentoring and empowering each individual – at every level? The Living Leader programmes are designed to address all of these questions and more. The insights gained from our leadership development programmes can be applied to workplace settings, but also provide valuable tips and techniques for improved relationships in all areas of your life.

We believe that successful leaders recognise the power of influence and see their position as a force for good. They lead from the front, are authentic and appreciate others. This attitude encourages them to be their genuine selves and in turn develops a team of people around them motivated to achieve success for the greater good of the company.

Leadership Development – Our Way

Our approach is simple – our three-day Personal Leadership Programme works – we have the most incredible testimonials to prove it – almost all of our work comes through personal referral and Clients take us into their organisations as they move onwards and upwards. That’s why we are different to many other consultants – we don’t have numerous leadership programmes – we won’t try and sell you something you don’t need – we don’t want to create dependency – we will (politely) walk away if we don’t believe we can help you. We believe so strongly in the impact of our foundation programme – the three-day Personal Leadership Programme – that our bolt on programmes 1)the Online Living Leader programme and, 2) our 10-day Certified Trainer Programme are specifically designed to provide you with a leadership training option to suit every organisation.

Our programmes are tailored to suit the needs of senior management, middle managers and supervisors and equip individuals with the robust tools and skills they need to become outstanding leaders.

We offer a package of programmes:

  1. Personal Leadership Programme
  2. Certified Trainer Programme
  3. Online Living Leader

What Do We Explore within Our Leadership Programmes?

Our programmes cover a wide range of topics, designed to build leaders from the ground up. A house won’t stand without steady foundations and, likewise, a individual won’t lead successfully without having the core knowledge and skills in place. We start by looking at the attitude required to lead and how a positive mindset can be used to motivate the entire team, and then focus on specific situations, such as running meetings – something which resonates with everyone. These deep dives give individuals practical techniques they can immediately apply to get the most out of their team. We look at each person independently, taking into account their individual characteristics. This means that not only do we develop effective leaders, but we also develop authentic leaders.

The topics explored within our courses include:

  1. How to liberate your thoughts
  2. Creating a leadership environment
  3. Responsibility
  4. Purposeful leadership / leadership skills
  5. Personal growth & development
  6. How to get the most out of your meetings
  7. Strength in vulnerability
  8. Taking ownership
  9. Emotional intelligence
  10. Driving innovation & autonomy

How We Deliver Leadership Programmes

Our leadership development programmes are designed to challenge and push individuals to grow into leaders rapidly. We blend interactivity and purposeful thinking with evidence-based, tried and tested models to quickly increase accountability and transform confidence and performance.

It is well documented that many delegates struggle to retain all of the valuable content gained from training programmes. Personal research has led us to conclude that training programmes aimed at the head — those that focus on topics such as ‘what it takes to be a great leader’ — are stimulating and interesting. However, the takeaways from these are swiftly forgotten by the many. It’s why we do things differently – to maximise the potential for long term sustainable change and not just focussing on the head but also the heart. By connecting both academic and emotional intelligence our delegates truly understand leadership at a deeper, more profound level. Not only does this develop outstanding leaders but it generates passionate individuals who want to live their lives in a different way – therefore sustaining and embedding the learning.

The successful programmes delivered by The Living Leader encourage participants to reflect on themselves, question their motives and behaviour, define their priorities and clarify their vision. This kind of training successfully transcends the professional by penetrating the realm of their personal life, strengthening the emotional connection to the concepts learned and supporting long-term memory — and practice — of them.

When wisdom speaks to the heart, it is more likely to stick, with new habits practiced on a daily basis. For an effective leader to fully understand what matters most at any point in their life, they must continually assess their own strengths, weaknesses, priorities and ethics. In doing so, the leader becomes more self-aware and can consistently perform at peak levels. Our courses teach leaders to recognise their stressors and how to choose their responses, and encourage others to do the same, even in challenging situations.

As a leader, such self-awareness is vital. This level of self-assessment, combined with self-discipline, empathy, compassion and interpersonal skills, makes for a charismatic 21st century leader.


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