A Helping Hand

We’ve all been there, travelling to somewhere we haven’t been before, the postcode we have entered into the satnav has taken us somewhere completely different and you get yourself in a fluster driving around the same street…

Well this recently happened to Penny while she was on her way to a quilting expedition in Basingstoke…with a twist!


“I was going down to a quilting expedition in Basingstoke and the postcode and directions were really awful. You turn into a road and you’ve got about five car parks in the same road and you have no idea where you need to go. So I parked the car in this carpark and ended up in the back streets of Basingstoke where they have markets and everything else, I hadn’t got a clue where I was going. So I saw this friendly face and asked for some help, and he said; “Oh, I think it’s up there. Look let’s go up and have a look together” and off we went…I told him that I really don’t expect him to come with me, but he was only doing his vegetable shopping and had a lot of time on his hands so with that, off we went. We finally figured out where the expedition was being held – which happened to be MILES away from where my car was parked and I still wasn’t 100% on the expeditions location via car. The kind gentlemen said “Look, tell you what, I’ll come back with you to your car and we’ll go up together” I was very insistent that he really didn’t need to and that he has been so helpful already, I didn’t want to take up anymore of his time. But as insistent as he was we walked back to my car and he came up with me and showed me where I needed to go. We had a nice chat on the way about quilting and what I do at The Living Leader and he was so interested that he wanted to find out more, but as time was limited, I gave him my name and said to have a look online and let me know what he thinks, and that was that.

I couldn’t be more grateful for how kind he was to me that day and in just two days later I had an email from him asking if I would do a talk on leadership to his team!! Without that kind gesture on my day in Basingstoke, I might not have made it in time for the expedition, so to give back to his kindness, I agreed to come up to do a talk on Leadership. So both me and Emma travelled over to meet Mark and his team and what a lovely experience it was – we even got to see the Chinook which is pictured below.

It goes to show, you never know who you might meet, and what opportunities you may walk into!”