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Chris Weston, CEO of Aggreko says:

“TLL has given us a team of flag-bearers for our new style of leadership and accountability. The PLP has also saved us lot of money as we’ve rolled out.”

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How We Have Helped Other Businesses

We’ve had the privilege of training over 60,000 people from some of the most prestigious organisations in the world, from eBay to Centrica and Caterpillar Inc. We work globally and have trained consultants across the world. Our materials are available 6 languages. Our leadership programmes have cultivated the style of leadership practiced in some of the most important businesses in the country.

Read what some of our clients have said about how we’ve helped their businesses:

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Caterpillar Inc: “The deployment of the Personal Development programme by our own trainers was really good value and it allowed me and others to make the course even more relevant to Caterpillar and our business challenges.” – Nigel Parkinson, Managing Director, Caterpillar Inc.

P & O Ferries: “It is the most effective leadership behavioural change programme that I have been involved in across my career, for a number of reasons: There are clear learnings as to how personal behavioural change links to business results;-The programme is aligned to driving business performance;The change in team dynamics is evident post the programme..” – Lesley Cotton, Divisional Human Resources Director, P & O Ferries

MRH (GB) Ltd: “This is a leadership course like no other and produces startling results and is quantifiable return on investment that not only can be measured but visible. What do I mean by that? – for me it delivers greater engagement, with leaders setting the tone for behaviour and better bosses inspiring employees through engagement and increased interaction including the tech generation. It is an amazing product and I have used it four times in different organisations and its impact and results always astounds me.’ – Steve Back, Group CFO, MRH (GB) Ltd.

Zen Internet: “In my experience, Penny Ferguson is far and away the best and most inspirational speaker I have ever heard on the all-important subject of leadership. I have been fortunate enough to attend her leadership programme, The Living Leader, multiple times and I have seen first hand the transformative effect the programme can have on leaders. For Penny, and I agree with her, leadership is the single biggest driver of business success; get it right and businesses flourish, get it wrong and businesses struggle. Her approach is refreshing, innovative and inspiring. Anyone who is interested in leadership and believes in its transformative power should listen to what Penny and her team at Living Leader have to say …” – Paul Stobart, CEO, Zen internet

Marsh and Parsons: Marsh and Parsons described our training as “brilliant, inspirational and full of energy and passion.”

Why Choose Us?

One thing is certain about our leadership programs: They are effective and will create positive change in your organisation. We do not use PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel or laptops for our training — we aren’t here to bore you or overwhelm you with vague stats and thick workbooks. Instead, we focus on purposeful thinking, hands-on training and interactivity to challenge and push you.

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