Personal Leadership Programme

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The Personal Leadership Programme

Our foundation three-day programme experienced by over 60,000 people globally and has been translated into 6 languages.

The Personal Leadership programme is an intensive three-day residential programme with far-reaching benefits for those taking part – the first 2 days are consecutive followed by a gap of around 3 weeks before day 3. The programme gives leaders vital insight into what makes an outstanding leader. A key aspect of the programme is the period between Days One/Two and Day Three, a period when the participants practice what they have learned, and experience first-hand the impact of their changed behaviours on the people and environment around them. This practical, ‘on the job’, experience between Days One/Two and Day Three is what embeds in participants the principal learning, namely that when a leader chooses to take responsibility and change behaviours permanently for the better, the resulting positive impact on both the individual and the organisation is profound.

Participants are encouraged to take responsibility and self-manage their way to improved leadership performance. Often this is done by participants setting up groups on appropriate social media to ensure that they remain engaged with each other on their progress as leaders; this also results in leaders being able to hold themselves to account, to compare successes and failures, and to keep leadership thinking fresh and current.

Typically, testimonials allude to the fact that the programme has given participants an entirely new view of their leadership capabilities, and invaluable guidance as to how to continue to improve. For some, the experience is truly life-changing, giving participants a deeply personal reality check as to what it is that they have really achieved to date in their life and career, where their priorities could lie in the future, and how to make a difference for the people around them both at work and at home.

“We have been rolling out The Living Leader 3-day programme for the last 4 years and this is the 2nd year we have taken this further into the organisation via the one-day Empowered Leader programme.

It is the most effective leadership behavioural change programme that I have been involved in across my career, for a number of reasons:

– The programme recognises that an individual is the same at work versus home and gets to the heart of personal responsibility to change
– Models are relevant, tie back continually to the overall philosophy and are easy to remember – they ‘hang together and make sense’
– There are clear learnings as to how personal behavioural change links to business results
– The programme is aligned to driving business performance
– The change in team dynamics is evident post the programme

Following the first year of roll out our financial results took a major step forward, I believe this programme contributed to this improvement.”

Request a 20 minute discovery call with one of our experts.

Lesley Cotton, Divisional Human Resources Director, P&O Ferries

How Our Leadership Development Programme Help Businesses

Our integrated 3-step approach to leadership development encourages individuals to look at their surroundings holistically to see things differently. We empower leaders by delivering a unique and experiential style which results in individuals returning to their everyday lives with a new passion to be different, be better, do more, be more and, in turn, enable others to do the same. In summary, individuals leave with a sense of personal responsibility and desire to change behaviours.

The Personal Leadership Programme involves real hands-on learning and the skills learned can then be put into practice on a daily basis. We provide solutions and techniques for specific circumstances and equip individuals with the knowledge they need to adapt to any situation, no matter how challenging. The course also encourages purposeful thinking and uses interactivity without the use of inefficient — and, frankly, boring — powerpoint presentations, graphs and excel charts. Instead, it uses models that have been tried and tested and proven to enhance performance.

The programme is tailored to develop leadership skills to help you cultivate driven, motivated, passionate and productive individuals who thrive on a culture of trust, honesty and openness. We help people become proactive, rather than reactive,

Such people communicate effectively, constantly strive to to exceed expectations and are determined to grow.

What Topics are Explored within Our Personal Leadership Programme?

Our Personal Leadership Programme covers a huge range of topics designed to dissolve mental blocks around being an outstanding leader and provide practical steps that can be taken to tackle life’s challenges. The topics we explore include:

  1. Responsibility
  2. Situational leadership
  3. Leadership skills
  4. Personal growth & development
  5. Empowered meetings
  6. Strength in vulnerability
  7. Taking ownership
  8. Driving innovation & autonomy

Why Great Leadership Is Critical for Your Organisation

Effective and outstanding leadership is of paramount importance to any business and, while challenging and seemingly complex, it’s something that we are capable of learning. In fact, we believe leadership can be simple.

Dedicated and motivated employees are the most valuable asset a company has. Not only do they achieve excellent results and go the extra mile for clients, customers and colleagues, but they also improve morale and loyalty.

A leadership programme isn’t just about making your people better at what they do: it’s about enabling people to think better. A successful leader creates the conditions for long-term success by instilling the crucial attributes of trust, loyalty and responsibility in those they work with. Leadership makes the difference between employees either bringing these qualities and commitments to the table or leaving them at home and risking going elsewhere.

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  • Done for you – we use our own Consultants to deliver the programme
  • Done with – we train your own in-house team to deliver the programme
  • Blended – a mixture of both of the above

Check out our Certified Trainer Programme which is a 10-day intensive on becoming an qualified facilitator of the Personal Leadership Programme. Our Online Living Leader Programme supports and embeds the learning from the Personal Leadership Programme through our digital platform containing supporting material, digital workbook, video tutorials, Q & A interviews with business leaders and so much more.

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What People are Saying

Take a look at what our clients are saying about us


Emma Garter
Human Resource Director at British Gas Residential

Everyone got the Personal Leadership Programme. it was immediate, fast, and the results followed very quickly

Jill Shedden
Group Human Resource Director for Centrica

We are highly cost-conscious, so the length and value of the course worked extremely well for us

Chris Weston
CEO of Aggreko

The Living Leader has given us a team of flag-bearers for our new style of leadership and accountability. The Personal Leadership Programme has also saved us lot of money as we’ve rolled out.

Steve Back
Group CFO MRH (GB) Ltd.

This is a leadership course like no other and produces startling results and is a quantifiable return on investment that not only can be measured but is visible. What do I mean by that? – for me it delivers greater engagement, with leaders setting the tone for behaviour and better bosses inspiring employees through engagement and increased interaction, including the tech generation. It is an amazing product and I have used it four times in different organisations and its impact and results always astounds me.'

Ben Slater
CEO Bow and Arrow

I first saw Penny Ferguson in action at a leadership breakfast in Australia. I learned more in those 30 minutes than I had from any leadership course, book or article. This lady is THE guru, sage and authority on the subject of how to create, delegate and sustain a high performing culture. Straight after the breakfast, I signed my top team to her Programme. It was so effective that we subsequently decided that every single person in the company (50+) should attend the seminar.

Paul Stobart
CEO, Zen internet

In my experience, Penny Ferguson is far and away the best and most inspirational speaker I have ever heard on the all-important subject of leadership. I have been fortunate enough to attend her leadership programme, The Living Leader, multiple times and I have seen first hand the transformative effect the programme can have on leaders. For Penny, and I agree with her, leadership is the single biggest driver of business success; get it right and businesses flourish, get it wrong and businesses struggle. Her approach is refreshing, innovative and inspiring. Anyone who is interested in leadership and believes in its transformative power should listen to what Penny and her team at Living Leader have to say …

Gordon Pitman
Chief HR Officer, GKN Aerospace

Having experience the Living Leader Program myself many years ago and used many of the things I learned to shape my personal leadership perspective it felt like the right time to introduce Penny Ferguson to GKN Aerospace. We introduced the Living Leader Program as part of our transformation journey to equip and enable leaders across the business to think differently about the culture they had created and the impact it was having on their teams, their business and our customers. Over 200 leaders have now experienced the program and although early days, the leadership skills they have learnt are helping them drive true behaviour change and improve their business results.

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