The Progress of a Young Leader- February 2019

Dear all,

Welcome to blog number 2! It’s been very busy here with plenty of horses in for training ahead of our season kick off in March. All are fit and well and have begun attending a few training shows. Last week one of our up and coming horses Echo won her class which made up for the fact the temperature that day didn’t top 2 degrees! My top horse Mickey is feeling fantastic and should have his first run at our local event, Burnham Market International, before heading over Ireland later in April to chase down a final qualification that he needs.


It’s pretty tough at this time of the year as we are in constant battle with the weather. Some mornings we are unable to ride until it has thawed out and even the all-weather arena freezes, stopping play some mornings. Thankfully the evenings are getting much lighter which is hugely welcomed as an extra 30 minutes daylight makes an enormous difference.

During January I started my Living Leader course, The Personal Leadership Programme. I have been so excited for it and it did not disappoint. I’m sure everyone else who has attended the programme will agree with me when I say it is the most inspiration things I have ever done and I was totally amazed as to how the course transfers into everyday life as well as work life. This for me was really important as working with horses tends to be a 24-hour job and more of a lifestyle. I couldn’t even list how much I have learnt about commutations skills, language, beliefs, behaviours and responsibility. One of the most important things I’ve taken from it so far is that beliefs drive behaviours. Its only your own beliefs holding you back, by changing your beliefs to “I am capable” you create new thinking which helps you think differently and come up with something positive rather than finding constant negative thoughts as to why you not succeeding. Another thing I really wanted to get from the course was to improve my confidence. Often it is scary only being 21 and working with clients, owners and employers who are often older and more experienced. The course has really taught me that listening and appreciating will not only help gain respect and value for both parties, but also, it will improve my confidence as there will be a clearer understanding as to what is expected and what is delivered.

I really could type away forever, as I have been so inspired and truly believe everyone should be doing this programme. I am working hard on what I have learnt and trying my best to put it into practice, hopefully, then to see the results soon.

Hopefully by the time I’m writing my next blog we would have started eventing, which is hugely exciting! It will be great to see how the horses (and myself!) are performing after their winter training.

Indie Vaughan-Jones