The Progress of a Young Leader- April 2019

Dear All, March has been super busy but we have finally been out eventing. All the horses are feeling great and performing well, which I have to say is a huge relief after our hard work this winter. I’m am slowly getting back into the routine of having very little sleep and living off coffee, very unhealthy but adrenaline seems to carry me through. We had our top horse Quob Dynamic back out this weekend, which was so exciting. Riding him at a recent event was just like putting on an old pair of shoes. He finished a close 2nd in his class to Piggy French who has always been a huge idol of mine. This sport always amazes me how, despite my age, I can be warming up and competing against my idols. I don’t think that happens in any other sport; it really makes it very unique. Quob Dynamic (Mickey) now has a run at our local event at Burnham Market before heading off to Ireland the week after for a very important 3-day event, fingers crossed he keeps up his good form. Some of the younger horses also performed well, picking up double clears and placings. They were like riding toddlers that had just been given 10 packets of Haribo sweets! They jumped brilliantly but their dressage needs taming a little! Hopefully, after they have been to a few more, they will settle down as I seem to be hanging on for dear life rather than riding a dressage test.
I’ve also had a great training session with my young Living Leader, Grace, helping her develop her skills as a rider and improving her pony. We’ve really concentrated on being precise and strict with herself and her pony, practicing everything at home as good as you want it in the arena at a competition. This way it becomes second nature and clearer to the horse what is expected, as well as good discipline as a rider. I’m really noticing the impact my 3-day Living Leader course had on me. I feel so much more confident in myself and have really learnt from reading Penny’s book to appreciate the little things. Even after a tough day you can draw a positive from it. This is so important especially with horses. Fingers crossed next time I write to you all we will have had a successful week in Ireland. Indie Vaughan-Jones