The Progress of a Young Leader

August 2019

Dear all,

July has been slightly unusual for me. It’s usually one of my busiest months competing but sadly a couple of the top horses have been struggling with the hard ground, meaning we have had to re plan and re think the rest of their season. Although this is disappointing, I have been kept busy with the younger horses and also teaching others with their riding.


This time of year is perfect, mainly due to the calmer weather, at starting off the younger horses and teaching them about being ridden. This is a hugely rewarding process where every day is different. It really reminds you of how long it takes to produce these horses to a high level and how patience is very much rewarded.



A few of the lower level horses have been out eventing, gaining good solid results and building confidence. A few weeks ago I made an exciting new purchase in Ireland, a new 4-year-old, who I’m really excited to start training and bring on over the winter season.


I have also had some great training sessions with a ‘young living leader’ of my own, Grace Littmoden, who has been gaining some incredible results, which include, qualifying for the grassroots championship in eventing! We are continuing  to work on the weaker areas and reflect on each event, drawing out what we need to improve on. She is so motivated and always rises to the challenge.


Indie Vaughan-Jones