The Progress of a Young Leader

December 2019

Written by Indie Vaughan-Jones

November has been on the quieter side. The horses are building fitness and all feeling great but aren’t quite fit enough to start competing just yet. Hopefully after a couple more weeks they will be ready to start going to a few training shows in preparation for next season, a little frustrating, as I am SO desperate to get out but my patience will hopefully be rewarded soon!


At the moment we are planning getting dates in the diary to ensure we are organised and the horses our prepared and experienced enough for the oncoming season. I’m also reflecting on this year, working on where I can improvement and what I can do differently, which will help me be more proactive into helping me be more successful next year. Lots of thinking, planning but all of this is helping me focus on making next year successful & getting to the next stage I want to get too.

I’ve still been taking this time to help the clients I coach. I love watching their development. It’s great to be able to pass on ideas I learnt from my coaching experience this year and see how it helps them – you really never stop learning in this sport. It’s a great feeling to give back and help others just like others have helped me in the past.


It really is very rewarding to realise how incredibly luckily I have been to have had access to some fantastic training in the past, as well as present, which has not only developed me as a rider but also a coach too.

Indie Vaughan-Jones