The Progress of a Young Leader

January 2020

Written by Indie Vaughan-Jones

December has flown by. I cannot believe we are now heading into 2020. The horses are now nearly back to full fitness and starting to head out to a few training events. They’re all where I want them to be in their education for this time of year and I’m already feeling excited about what 2020 will bring.

I’ve recently had a new horse in my yard, Mr Satco, for a slightly different discipline. Racing has always been a passion of mine and I’m so excited to be able to give it ago riding in a point to point race. Recently we have attended our assessment course and been signed off as safe to head out to race!

It’s been a great learning experience, as although serval aspects of training a horse and rider for racing or eventing are the same, there is so much more that is different. I’ve been busy listening, watching and gathering as much advice and guidance as possible, as I know experience speaks a lot in this game. Hopefully all being well, we will have our first race together on January 26th. I’m already feeling the butterflies!

It’s been wonderful this last month to catch up with family, supporters & friends over Christmas. It’s been a constant reminder and made me appreciate how luckily I am to have an incredibly support network around me. This sport is as physical as it is mentally and I simply wouldn’t be able to do it without their support.


Indie Vaughan-Jones