The Progress of a Young Leader

July 2019

Dear all,

It’s been a fairly quiet month for me at the minute, trying to recover from my elbow injury. We did make it to Bramham U25 championship but we were only allowed to do the first phase, the dressage. I tried jumping Mickey after my dressage but it just wasn’t possible. We weren’t feeling 100% and therefore we knew we wouldn’t have been able to do a good enough job to continue with the competition. It was a seriously hard decision to make but it wasn’t fair trying to tackle one of our biggest competitions not feeling our best. It was amazing to even be there and has made me even more determined to go back next!


Thankfully, a month on from Bramham, we made it back to my first big competition, taking my two top horses to the, The Royal Norfolk Show. My nerves definitely set in but both horses jumped brilliantly which prepares them perfectly for their international horse trails this weekend.


During my healing time with my elbow I attended one of The Living Leader’s breakfast events, it was so inspiring to hear Penny speak again and was exactly want I needed. It was also great to share my experience of the course and explain how it has helped me especially the last few months.


We have 4 horses out Eventing this weekend so fingers crossed it’s a successful one!


Indie Vaughan-Jones