The Progress of a Young Leader

June 2019

Dear all,

May has been an odd one! Started off really well with the young horses riding brilliantly at their unaffiliated training events. Echo then headed to her first big 3-day event at one of our local horse trials, Houghton.


Everything was going to plan until we got to the water jump where, sadly, Echo left a leg tripping causing me to dive elbow first into the water. Thankfully she now seems fine, although at the time we were very worried. She had x rays of her leg within hour of the fall, I was shipped off to A & E and somehow have also got away extremely lucky with just a dislocated and very bruised elbow. I have to say; it wasn’t my finest moment sitting in A & E in slightly damp smelly clothes.

Despite it being fairly entertaining falling off in the water, it actually couldn’t come at a worse time, with my U25 being under 2 weeks away. I walked out of hospital being told there was no way on earth I would be riding at Bramham or at least for 3 weeks, his exact words were “not possible”. Fortunately, this rather negative approach has only inspired me to prove them completely wrong. Thankfully I’ve been to the most incredible sports physio who has quite frankly has worked a miracle, combined with the fact I’ve got the most wonderful team at home who have supportive me and been a great help in keeping everything running. Some of the horses, that are able to, have gone home to reduce the pressure and this has helped to give me the best chance to get better in time.


Today I went back to the doctors and was signed off fit to compete. We leave for Bramham in 48 hours, so really cutting it fine! I’m going to have to see how my elbow feels throughout the week though as it’s only fair on the horse and the wonderful people that helped support him that I’m able to compete at a level that does him justice.


Keeping everything crossed, icing my elbow like crazy and keeping as positive as I can. Mind over matter! I am so grateful to everyone who has been so supportive, helpful and quite frankly helping make the impossiblepossible.

Indie Vaughan-Jones