The Progress of a Young Leader

November 2019

Written by Indie Vaughan-Jones

October has come and gone very quickly! Now the weather is becoming much colder and wet, it’s nice to be heading into a slightly quieter time. The older horses are about to come in from their holidays and begin walking. Although I’m excited, I’m also dreading it. They tend to be clinging on tightly while they turn into wild monsters forgetting their previous 10 years of training. It’s amazing how terrifying they can find a slightly different coloured leaf! My two younger horses are heading out for a break. They have been super this year and been placed in their first few training events.

Due to it being quieter I’ve done lots of coaching in my spare time. It’s always slightly harder for the younger riders this year with them being back at school after the summer holidays along with the limited time and hours. I always try and teach quality rather than quantity.

Grace has been doing fantastic things with her new pony with an amazing double clear in their BE event. Sadly their next one was rained off but I’m looking forward to a good winter of training with her and watching them come out next year even stronger.

I’ve been really enjoying my time in the breaking yard. It’s really hard work always needing quick reactions but it’s keeping me on my toes and I am learning and absorbing so many new training methods. It’s such a great experience.

Indie Vaughan-Jones