The Progress of a Young Leader

October 2019

Written by Indie Vaughan-Jones

Although eventing for me has now finished for the season, slightly earlier than usual, the younger horses competing careers are just starting. This is proving to be really exciting on many levels, they are very good at displaying new, unwanted behaviour when they first arrive at these competitions, leaving me clinging on for dear life! It’s there version of a party and they’re still learning which direction to steer their talents. It’s so nice to get them out and about, and hugely rewarding to have got them this far. I can’t wait to see what the winter and next year brings for them.

I’ve been super busy teaching too, which is wonderful. Grace has a new pony, who has always been in our yard, so it’s been lovely to watch them now develop a partnership together. They have had a few lessons, and already in such short time, they have won their first two competitions. Grace is so committed and hungry to learn and with that combined it’s no wonder she is achieving so much in such a short amount of time. After every session her first question is; “What needs to be improved?” or “How can I prevent this happening next time?” It’s so lovely to coach someone who is so focused!

I’m also off to expand my knowledge and learning by heading off for a couple of weeks to work in a breaking yard. Having broken in a few horses over the years I am keen to learn how it is done on a more “mass scale”. Hopefully I will come back full of ideas!

Indie Vaughan-Jones