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The Personal Leadership Programme has evolved over two decades into the unique programme it is today. More than 60,000 people have attended the programme and our delegates refer to it as the best leadership development programme they have ever experienced. The programme is well travelled, having been delivered to leaders from more than 100 countries in many different languages.

Why is the programme so different?

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  • Crucially, the programme addresses the whole person, not just the employee; it therefore has a more personal and long-lasting impact on the participant
  • The programme does not get lost in management theory instead we bring theory to life through real examples, story-telling and case studies
  • The programme delivers immediate behavioural change; when behavioural change takes place at pace and at scale, the impact on organisational culture can be profound and dramatic. Culture roll-out programmes traditionally take years; with the Living Leader programme, rolled out at pace, culture change can happen in months, if not weeks!
  • The Living Leader uses highly qualified Consultants with a wealth of experience in leadership development and consulting. The Living Leader team in aggregate has facilitated thousands of programmes around the world over the last 20 years. Our people are passionate about leadership and the powerful benefits it can bring to both individuals and businesses.
  • Our Online Living Leader provides your delegates with lifetime access to our digital content which becomes their virtual coach – refreshing their knowledge and developing their understanding of leadership.
  • Our Certified Trainer Programme means that a large scale roll-out can happen quickly and cost effectively. In addition, a wealth of knowledge and expertise is developed and retained internally on how to train and deploy this life-changing programme.
  • We offer highly personalised account management; Penny, Emma and the rest of The Living Leader team are so impassioned about leadership that they tend to stay in touch with clients long after the programme roll-out has been completed. The Living Leader facilitators routinely go the extra mile for their clients precisely because of their passion for leadership and the benefits that great leadership can bring to an organisation.
  • We have a track record of success with large multi-national organisations such as Centrica, Caterpillar, Sage, GKN, Somerfield, Malthouse and Direct Energy.
  • We work only with small groups to support individual learning.

How We Develop Our Leaders

Our courses are unique — we do not teach with laptops or use powerpoint presentations. Instead, we use a powerful working model that involves hands-on training, interactivity and purposeful thinking. We teach skills that can be immediately applied to real-life situations.

Our inspirational leadership development programmes deliver the following:

– Highly motivated individuals who are passionate about their work, fully engaged and ready to take on more responsibilities to push your business forward
– A productive team built on a foundation of authenticity and trust
– Effective communication among and across teams: Excellent leadership is only made possible with strong communication. Great leaders communicate effectively with others. Instead of imposing their will, they ask for suggestions; instead of commanding, they encourage and support others, they build on ideas; and they do not absolve the team of its responsibilities, but offer support and autonomy
– An innovative individual who finds new ways to think and behave
– A success-driven work-force committed to taking their business to greater heights.

Our leadership programmes empower leaders to pay more attention to their surroundings and become exceptional mentors and coaches which enables them to develop a team of new leaders to help the business to grow.

Some of the topics we cover in our leadership programmes include the psychology behind productive meetings, the power of responsibility, emotional intelligence and innovative thinking.

If you want effective leadership that is responsible, purposeful and can increase your company’s bottom line, our inspirational Personal Leadership Programme is the best solution.

Who Should Attend Our Personal Leadership Programme?

Our Personal Leadership Programme is suitable for individuals at all levels within an organisation. We don’t apply a universal approach but, instead, appreciate that every individual is different. We focus on the individual and nurture them to become well-rounded and confident leaders with outstanding communication skills, empathy, resilience and a profound understanding of responsibility.

What Makes An Outstanding Leader?

A leader is someone whose actions inspire others to want more, do more, dream more and become more. If you want your business to consistently exceed its goals, you require a team of leaders with the skillset and know-how to inspire, motivate and mentor each other – consistently.

Leadership skills are mastered through mentoring, training and practice. Throwing an individual into a situation when they lack the crucial leadership skills can cause chaos for a business – not to mention damage the individual concerned – our integrated approach to leadership enables individuals to be equipped to affect positive change in your organisation.

Why Is Leadership Important for Your Organisation?

Every organisation needs great leaders who encourage others to become more proactive and passionate in their everyday work.

Strong leadership does not just have an impact on the bottom line. With each and every individual stepping into their leadership potential it contributes to a positive work culture that empowers its others and boosts morale. Individuals feel happier in their roles, resulting in increased engagement and improved productivity.

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