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“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more
and become more, you are a leader.”
– John Quincy Adams



At The Living Leader, we provide individuals with the secret sauce they need to become outstanding leaders and help your business thrive in the modern workplace. We believe that an effective leader is authentic, accelerates growth and has a positive influence on the course of the organisation they work for. They do this by mentoring, motivating and inspiring their team to grow, while also delivering their best work.


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Interested in finding out more? Request a 20 minute discovery call with one of our experts

Request a 20 minute discovery call with one of our experts.

Who We Have Worked With

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Our Services

Our Leadership Programmes support transformation of organisational culture through developing outstanding leaders.  Our leadership development programmes evolve existing management styles by focusing on the individual and nurturing the skills necessary for success. We develop confident, balanced and well-rounded individuals with excellent communication skills, resilience, empathy and authenticity — some of the inherent characteristics of a truly successful leader.

Our three pronged approach always begins with the Personal Leadership Programme, supported by the Online Living Leader Programme and for those Clients who wish to have in-house capability to deliver the Personal Leadership Programme company-wide our Certified Trainer Programme.

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Personal Leadership Programme

Our Personal Leadership Programme is obsessively focused on enabling the behavioural changes that transform culture and lead to lasting, commercial, tangible impact. No PowerPoint, no laptops, no graphs or charts. Just real hands-on learning, purposeful thinking and challenging interactivity with tried and tested models. This combination transforms accountability, confidence and performance. Fast.


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Certified Trainer Programme

Our Personal Leadership Certified Trainer Programme is a 10-day intensive training programme that uses unique teaching methods to develop your own team of in-house Personal Leadership Programme Trainers enabling you to cascade the programme throughout your organisation.  This programme also fast-tracks the leadership development of key individuals.




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Online Living Leader Programme

In our Online Living Leader programme, we provide delegates of the Personal Leadership Programme all they need to embed and sustain their learning. Through video tutorials, downloadable content and incredible bonus material, individuals can access all of this content at their leisure. The material both refreshes and develops the learning from the programme and is a fantastic resource for all delegates.


Emma Littmoden

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What Our Clients Say

Take a look at what our clients are saying about us

Marsh and Parsons

Marsh and Parsons described our training as “brilliant, inspirational and full of energy and passion.”

Nigel Parkinson
Managing Director, Caterpillar Inc.

The deployment of the Personal Development programme by our own trainers was really good value and it allowed me and others to make the course even more relevant to Caterpillar and our business challenges.

Chris Weston
CEO of Aggreko

TLL has given us a team of flag-bearers for our new style of leadership and accountability. The PLP has also saved us lot of money as we’ve rolled out.

Steve Back
Group CFO MRH (GB) Ltd.

This is a leadership course like no other and produces startling results and a quantifiable return on investment that not only can be measured but is visible. What do I mean by that? – for me it delivers greater engagement, with leaders setting the tone for behaviour and better bosses inspiring employees through engagement and increased interaction including the tech generation. It is an amazing product and I have used it four times in different organisations and its impact and results always astounds me.

Ben Slater
CEO Bow and Arrow

I first saw Penny Ferguson in action at a leadership breakfast in Australia. I learned more in those 30 minutes than I had from any leadership course, book or article. This lady is THE guru, sage and authority on the subject of how to create, delegate and sustain a high performing culture. Straight after the breakfast, I signed my top team to her Programme. It was so effective that we subsequently decided that every single person in the company (50+) should attend the seminar. They have. The results have been extraordinary.

Paul Stobart
CEO, Zen internet

In my experience, Penny Ferguson is far and away the best and most inspirational speaker I have ever heard on the all-important subject of leadership. I have been fortunate enough to attend her leadership programme, The Living Leader, multiple times and I have seen first hand the transformative effect the programme can have on leaders. For Penny, and I agree with her, leadership is the single biggest driver of business success; get it right and businesses flourish, get it wrong and businesses struggle. Her approach is refreshing, innovative and inspiring. Anyone who is interested in leadership and believes in its transformative power should listen to what Penny and her team at Living Leader have to say …

Lesley Cotton
Divisional Human Resources Director, P & O Ferries

It is the most effective leadership behavioural change programme that I have been involved in across my career, for a number of reasons: There are clear learnings as to how personal behavioural change links to business results;-The programme is aligned to driving business performance;The change in team dynamics is evident post the programme.

Gordon Pitman
Chief HR Officer, GKN Aerospace

Having experience the Living Leader Program myself many years ago and used many of the things I learned to shape my personal leadership perspective it felt like the right time to introduce Penny Ferguson to GKN Aerospace. We introduced the Living Leader Program as part of our transformation journey to equip and enable leaders across the business to think differently about the culture they had created and the impact it was having on their teams, their business and our customers. Over 200 leaders have now experienced the program and although early days, the leadership skills they have learnt are helping them drive true behaviour change and improve their business results.

About Us


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At The Living Leader, we are passionate about helping people to step into their leadership potential. We believe that the key to a high performing organisation is in unlocking the potential of individuals at all levels which creates a culture of taking responsibility and a desire to change both thinking and behaviour.

Outstanding leadership begins with transforming organisational culture through coaching, inspiring and motivating team members to take responsibility for the success of the business they work for. Our leadership development programmes have all the ingredients required to create effective leaders.

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